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The Encyclopedia of Toothed Whales and Baleen Whales

What are the differences between toothed whales and baleen whales? Let’s compare the differences between false killer whales (toothed) and minke whales (baleen).

Encyclopedia of the Whales

There are said to be about 80 species of whales in the world today.
In our “Encyclopedia of the Whales” we introduce 85 species, but the number changes even just recent as baiji in the Yangtze River of China was declared functionally extinct recently while new species are found in Australia.

* Categorization and data are taken from世界のクジラ・イルカ百貨図鑑 (河出書房新社 Kawade Shobo, ISBN : 978-4-309-25334-3) and海の哺乳類FAO種同定ガイド(NTT出版株式会社 NTT Publishing, ISBN : 4-7571-6001-1).